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Mr. Rudy Mulyono founder and owner PT. RORI PON who was born in Kediri on 1972, was a successful businessman in the automotive (RORI MOBIL 99) and the manufacturing industry (KRETEK CIGARETES). Mr. Rudy Mulyono was under graduated from Northern Virginia Community College, Strayer University, Virginia United States & California State University of Los Angeles with Bachelor Degree of Science (Bsc). Major in Business, minor in management & marketing. Employers who has 2 sons and 1 daughter, is the originator of the idea of Indonesia's first social commerce site of Roripon. Accompany with his wife, Mrs. Christiana PT. RORI PON rapidly growing up throughout Indonesia in just not too long period. As the founder and owner RORI social commerce, Mr. Rudy also loved art painting, which is also one of his paintings worldwide is THE CROCUS FLOWERS original artwork of Vincent Van Gogh.

Mrs. Christiana Mulyono founder and owner of PT. RORI PON is also wife of Mr. Rudy Mulyono whos main key & important person in this business. Mrs. Christiana was born in Kediri on 1975. As co. founder of social commerce, Mrs. Christiana expanded PT. RORI PON to international business. With carefulness in work also see the potential market everyday, she's make establishment of social commerce into social commerce class international competing with competitor company in around the world. Mrs. Christiana also under graduated from California State University, Fullerton, US. with Bachelor Degree of Administration (BBA), Major in business, minor in finance.