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Roripon is a website with e-commerce social base and a trading service provider for everyone in the world. Our main objective is to facilitate all levels of society in the transaction process and also give the best deals for every week. Our hopes are with this website, every transaction you have will be easier and fun and also people can enjoy great discount promo, all in one place.

Our Product

Personal Buy-Sell
is the facility for everyone without exception to display their ads free of charge.

World Trading
is used to facilitate all suppliers and buyers around the world who want to do import export transactions.

Weekly Deals
weekly best deals in your town, with special discount !

Social Network
place to share ideas, and connect with your friends and family

check your chinese zodiac and astrology

When was Roripon founded?

Located in Darmahusada Jalan Dharmahusada Indah Utara Blok U No.319 Surabaya 60115, Jawa Timur - Indonesia, was founded in September 2011 by Mr. Rudy Mulyono, a successful businessman who lives in East Java Indonesia with his wife named Mrs. Christiana.

Together with some IT staff in his company, PT. RORI PON built over its competitors around the world. Roripon was launched in January 2012. At first, Roripon itself is a website where users can conduct discount promo transactions such as daily discount purchase of books, food packages, movies, tours, and others throughout Indonesia.

Roripon offer discount promos from related merchant where people can buy or give to others. The price that Roripon offers is the best promo deal with each merchant who became our business partners.

" Roripon is focused on making the world's daily habits inspiring and entertaining - whether you're searching new product, finding friends, sharing photos with family, or checking zodiac. "


Rudy Mulyono

Mr. Rudy Mulyono founder and owner of PT. RORI PON who was born in Kediri on 1972 this was a successful businessman in the automotive field (RORI MOBIL 99) and the manufacturing industry (KRETEK CIGARETES). Mr. Rudy Mulyono was under graduated from Northern Virginia Community College, Strayer University, Virginia United States & California State University of Los Angeles with Bachelor Degree of Science (Bsc). Major in Business, minor in management & marketing.

Employers who now has 2 sons and 1 daughter, is the originator of the idea of Indonesia's first social commerce site that Go International. Together with his wife, Mrs. Christiana PT. RORI PON rapidly growing up throughout Indonesia in just a period not too long.

As the founder and owner RORI social commerce, Mr. Rudy also loved art painting, which is also one of his paintings worldwide is THE CROCUS FLOWERS original artwork of Vincent Van Gogh.


Christiana Mulyono

Mrs. Christiana founder and owner of PT. RORI PON is also the wife of Mr. Rudy Mulyono is also important person in this business. Mrs. Christiana was born in Kediri on 1975. As co. founder of social commerce, Mrs. Christiana expanded PT. RORI PON to international business.

With carefulness in work also see the potential market today, now that the establishment of social commerce into social commerce class international competing with competitor company in around the world. Mrs. Christiana also under graduated from California State University, Fullerton, US. with Bachelor Degree of Administration (BBA), Major in business, minor in finance.

What is Roripon main goal?

Our main goal is to be a bridge for everyone in the business world. We developed a vision of mission-oriented company to customer satisfaction / member to the merchant. With the number over of 100 employes at our head office in East Java - Indonesia, we always develop roripon business to be better each day, to innovate and go forward to give the best services.

Roripon Office Location

PT. Roripon
Jalan Dharmahusada Indah Utara Blok U No.319
Surabaya 60115, Jawa Timur - Indonesia
Phone +6231 - 83222289 | +6231 - 83222299 | +6231 - 71998877

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