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How do I register to Roripon.com ?
You can press "Registration" button on the top right page of www.roripon.com, and just fill the form. Make sure your data such as email, phone number input correctly, because the data is to be seen by buyers.
How do I upgrade my membership ?
Coming Soon !
How do I modify my account ?
After login on Roripon, you can edit you profile on "I rori" pages, including edit your product, ads, and picture.
Is it possible that my account deactivated ?
Yes, if you're violating against our term and conditions
I forgot my password
You can press on "forgot password" in login menu, and the system will send link to you email, you can change your password using that link.
How do I purchase products and services at Roripon.com ?
You can contact the supplier or seller via email, phone, etc. Make sure that the items purchased actually accordance with your expectations so there is no complaint on the day tomorrow
What should I do if I am a victim of fraud ?
Immediately call the police, and send the evidence and reports so that we can block these fraudsters account.
How to perform a secure payment ?
Online trade is not without risks and no payment method is 100% safe. If you are doing business with a supplier for the first time, please make sure you have done sufficient background checks on the supplier before making payment. We recommend you take your time to conduct thorough due diligence. If you have any doubts about the legitimacy of a supplier, then it is always safer to consider your other options, including finding another supplier.
Please note that both Western Union and bank transfer are high-risk payment methods and should only be used for very small orders/sample orders. Low-risk payment methods include Paypal, L/C (letter of credit), and Escrow. To reduce your risk when trading online:
1) Always verify a company's contact details and address
2) Always verify a company's legal registration number
3) Ask suppliers to provide you with customer references (preferably from your own country) who have purchased from them within the last 12 months.
How do I contact the seller ?
There are many ways to contact the supplier, can use available features such as a message, or you can either email supplier, or call directly.
How do I search for products or services that I need ?
You can fill the search form in the top middle of our page, select the category and type keywords of product you want to search.
How do I advertise my product or service ?
Press "Post Your Ads" yellow button on the top right page, follow the instructions, then adjust with the goods or services you want to offer.
What if I enter wrong product data ?
Don't worry you can edit your product / services on "I rori" pages, but you ads status will be pending, after our team review your ads, soon it will be activated again.
What product or service can I input ?
Anything, but be sure not to violate the terms and conditions that apply, for example, selling drugs
How do I know my ads visible to others or not ?
You can track your ads, on the detail of your products/services, you can see how many view on your product/service.
Why my ads are not attractive to people ?
Disinterest ads can be caused by photo unattractive, or incomplete data, as well as the price is too expensive, and much more. try refining your ad, so it can be attractive to others.
Why my product is rejected ?
Disapproved ads are ads that break the rules (see terms & condition), the ads are not eligible (incomplete data), then spamming ads.
Why do I must have a business entity to advertise in World Trade ?
In world trade because you are considered as a supplier that can supply your product in large quantities, so that the buyer gets the right data and information to the items sought by him.
What the difference between "world trade" and "buy-sale" ?
World Trade
This menu is used for you who would like to introduce your company's products, the condition is that you must have a business entity, then the ability to supply products at wholesale. all companies in the world may join, just register your company and click "Display a Product on World Trade" on top right menu.

Buy & Sale
This feature is available for those of you who has become a member of Roripon. You can display your products / ads / service free of charge without requiring a business entity, here you can post your product personally. get the simplicity only in Rori Trading.
What are the advantages of premium membership ?
Coming Soon!
Will my ads disappear someday ?
No, but if your product or service is sold, or you can not supply anymore, you should disable your ads.
What is roripon deals ?
Roripon.com is a social commerce advertising site that offers discounts to the public on the specific merchant product who a joined as our business partner.
How do I buy in Roripon Deals ?
You can click "buy now" button, and don't forget to confirm your payment. We are working with several local banks to ensure the security of your data with the bank that you use to transaction. Therefore we do not store the data your bank for your convenience to do transaction with us.
How do I put my product / service on Roripon Deals ?
To have your business featured on our website, please contact us. One of our Marketing Exclusive will contact you shortly!
Can I return or cancel my order?
During the process of cancellation occurs before you are not making payments, YES YOU CAN.However, if the cancellation request happens after you complete the payment process, the money that you have traded to us will be deemed forfeited. That is because the error transaction is conscious and open coercion of any party.
What the advantages if I shopped on Roripon Deals ?
Roripon Deals, is the great way to get quality product with cheap price.